Jax Jet Ski Rentals maintains a fleet of Sea-doo Sparks and Yamaha vx110's aka Waverunners to accommodate every rider.


  Our sea-doo sparks are extremely fun machines that are lightweight, fast and highly maneuverable. Our fleet of sea-doos is perfect for the rider who is experienced and wants to "turn-up" on the water. They are equipped with water brakes that can be engaged instantly via a handlebar-mounted lever. We've nicknamed our Yamaha's the couch because they are just so darn comfy.


  Waverunners are world renowned for their reliability, ease of use, comfortability, user-friendly controls, and speed. We ensure you are comfortable with the operation of the of our jet ski's before sending you off. A short but informative video is shown to arm you with the important information you will need to know before taking off for your adventure. Our jet ski rentals both Yamaha and seadoo's both top out at approximately 55mph. That's pretty fast!